The Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Studies (CLoCS) is a part of Institute for Research and Community Services (Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Masyarakat/LPPM) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). The center is a multi-discipline institute that have broad scope of studies so that it is carried out by many personnel spread from expertise groups (EG) in ITB, i.e.: EG of Industrial System and Techno-Economics from FTI, EG of Transportation from FTSL, EG of Information System from STEI, and EG of Operations and Finance from SBM. In addition, this Center is well-opened to non-ITB researcher as long as their aligned study in logistics and supply chain system.

Along with its contribution in basic research, the Center also has been giving its best and all out endeavor in applied research. It is addressed to give significant contributions to foster the development and reveal solution to logistics and supply chain problem at the research, government, and private sector.

Over thirty researchers, research assistant, and students are affiliated with the Center through participation in its research, community services, education, and cooperation programs. The interchange of information, ideas, and inspiration among its members makes it one of the most dynamic focal points of activity in logistics and supply chain field.

Vision and Mission


Toward an excellent and truthfully research and study institute with the result to be reference in national level and have a reputation in global level.


  • To develop logistics and supply chain system knowledge and expertise rooted from Indonesian productive culture.
  • To support the development of efficient and competitive national logistics system.
  • To foster in finding the solutions of logistics and supply chain problem at the government, private, and society sector.
  • To create mutuality networking among logistics regulator, logistics user, and logistics provider.
  • To develop competence and successfully yielding professional and ethical logistics human resource.



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